What is this all about?

Still trying to figure that out actually. For now let it be my digital garden where I shall drop an occasional update on what I am working on. It may yet prove to be something way bigger than that!

My job is to go out to the edges and try to explain things that seem crazy and complex, first to myself and to all of you in the process. I’m not writing as an expert, but as someone who’s taking you along on my own exploration.
-- Packy MacCormick

Most of the stuff that will end up here will be thinks I didn't know about or am still exploring. Treat it with a grain of salt and distance, but do call me out when I am wrong on something. In the spirit of almighty xkdc, geek shall rally when one errs in public and without remorse!

That said (and because I have a thing for quotes and cheesy lines)

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
--  W.B. Yeats

Another reason I am starting to write again is, well to get better at communicating asynchronously. I noticed it not being efficient lately and since it's a big share of what I do daily (sharing context for example), I would really like to make it a little more pleasant on everyone I work with.

By far the most important motivation for me is (being so low down the page it just speaks how much it tries to hide) dealing with the one who shall not be named, the (great) Groke, the dark one, devourer of souls, good spirit and motivation. Namely the IMPOSTOR syndrome.

I will likely often be wrong, often times I speak, write and do on hunches, but hey after all -

Erroneous thought is the stuff of freedom.
-- Ben Pimlott

So let's err some more! It's just a ride ....