(Favourite) errors

Why repeat the old errors, if there are so many new errors to commit?
-- Bertrand Russel

Despite best efforts in following his advice, this will turn into a growing list of errors I commit repeatedly!

  1. Using vanilla JS over TypeScript - 19.06.2021
  2. Going back to using CloudFormation for serverless applications deployments - 20.06.2021
  3. Having another go at a ticket way too big to not be split - without splitting it yet again. We are after all the architects of our own destruction (and distraction). 24.06.2021
  4. Assuming 3rd parties do the "obvious" - Auth0 doesn't let you upload custom avatars.
  5. 14.12.2022 The day that I forgot to run io.Seek(0,io.SeekStart) for what it feels like a 100th time