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We all love acronyms in the development world, there are all kinds of SOLIDs, DRYs and BBoM flying around the space. To me most of them are too dogmatic - it takes too much effort to be a dedicated zealot to one of them only! There are however others which turn the dogma into a joyful gospel and you into a preacher.

K-hHT (Kind-hearted humble together) being one of such - well truth be told mpj's channel is a treasure trove of good advice for both working together and spitting sick codes.

Since we can all apply a degree of creative freedom to those pesky acronyms, here's my RFC - Fun Driven Development.

Gone are the days of PR frets when the Impostor lies dead,
remember no ticket can get you down, when you foster your inner clown! Servers implode no more, onwards lambdas galore!

After over four years of constant "catching up" (self taught inflicted) , I am setting out on a journey to rediscover what led me here. Making time for side-projects yet again, shifting focus to 7th gear on the domain of SILLY.

There is nothing I find more liberating than to spend a Saturday afternoon coding on some toy project..

-- Austin Z. Henley

I've recently come across https://1729.com/ - regardless of what you think about the space it may give you weird ideas. It (and the community that formed around it) has finally managed to snap me from the spell. No, I don't really plan to partake in the competition, but I treat it as a Ludum Dare of sorts. So I make discord bots now, and it is the best thing ever! My bot doesn't do much for now, it's not even particularly unique - it's meant to let others send you digital high fives which you can look back on when inertia creeps around!

More on the bot - it's connecting to the Discord server, runs on https://replit.com/ & uses their internal database. Not the crown level of engineering on my end, but it's FUN (and it drives development). It's surreal how much the digital world has progressed, how much more democratic it became to all sorts of creators - I've dug out on of my first ever Apache configurations (proudly copied from a magazine over 12 years ago) , which I've battled with for weeks to get my Winamp radio off the ground (dynamic IP were not that easy to route, where you know 0 about what you were doing, and Open Source tunnels were not something in my vocabulary). I was happy with my peak of three listeners back then, and now I can deploy to servers capable of serving hundreds of people within seconds thanks to clever tools.

To think of it, things that took me ages back then now seem easy. What is more they are still translatable to the modern market requirements (have it not been for Nginx you would not be reading it) This is quite the reassurance - just when you think the world of server is in a constant gallop (hey Cloud) you realise that it's really just someone else's machine!

All this is part of a bigger series of micro-experiments. Hat's off for all the amazing strangers who have paved this way for us @swyx , @geddski, @devdevcharlie, @samjulien and have flown my personal Peter Pan back to Neverland!